Monday, December 19, 2016

Dear You

Hi awakkkkk :*

Hmm I know deep inside your heart you must be wondering and questioning why didn't I post anything about you.. I'm so sorry but since I feel the moments spent with you in reality were just so beautiful and amazing, I couldn't describe them in words.. especially with my average English skills hahahah (and I know you'll say my english is better than those common Malaysians heheh.)

And I know you deserve more than just a blog post honey. But still cos I love you so much I will *wink

Thank you. Thank you so much for willing to love me unconditionally, for standing by my side through my downs (retaking my AS exams) and ups, for accepting me for who I am, no for what you want me to be.. for making me feel so content with your love and care, for just being you who is indescribeably perfect. 

You are the first to make me go beyond the boundaries just to shower you with surprises and celebrations, which to constantly remind you how perfect you are. 
You are the first showing me that I can trust a man other than my own family. 
and of course, you are the first who taught me the meaning of true love ;)

I know I am no longer the old me in the aspect that I socialise less now and hence, I made less friends. Because I've lost my self-confidence because of someone we both don't want to talk about anymore. I know I keep on repeating the same complaints to your ears about how badly I want to regain my old self again..but truthfully, I don't mean all that because I'm really happy with what I have now which is you.. 

I may hmm seems like have not change yet at all to everyone, I mean in the way that I keep doubting myself, but since I can see myself in a different way, I know I'm making baby steps to make myself better. Because of you ;)

I'm looking forward to our future together, Ahmad Hasan. Husband and wife in both dunia and akhirat. In Jannah in sha Allah, ameen. 

Yours truly,


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