Friday, June 6, 2014

Miss the old me.

Kinda miss the old me.
Who only focused on the future.
Never think too much of guys. Since she holds on her stand which is
'kumbang bukan seekor'
and she did have her dream guy. Who can handle her at her worse. Who can be her crying shoulder.
Who will always be there whenever she needs him. 
Who won't scold her since she has been pampered by her father who never hurt her and
always treats her like a princess.
She was also a girl who won't love someone too much although 
she can feel attached to someone easily cos she knows people come and go.
Cos life is like that. 
Allah knows the best for all of us. Including the one who deserved to be with us
and the one who should leave.
She had the spirit. To succeed in life and make her parents and family proud of her.
To become a responsible and hardworking doctor since
she knows it is hard to find one now. Everything is about money,
not about doing the amanah from Allah. 
She won't chase and fight for someone cos she knows the right person will stay.
But where is she now..?

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  1. selamat hari raya wei hahahaha sory wish kat sni.. aku hilang contact kau


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