Tuesday, December 24, 2013


latest favourite reality show of mine. :)
i dont know why somehow this tv show helps to enhance my self confidence. 
maybe because all the contestants are outspoken. 
just complaint and talk whatever they like (mostly complaint la). 
tapi adik2 aku tak suka show ni sebab asyik gaduh.
 haha biasa lah semua rasa diri masing2 tu bagus kan.
aku suka show ni sebab suka tengok body and muka diorang. 
hmm i'm not a lesbian okay? 
it's just that buat aku rasa nak try ada badan cantik macam diorang. 
hot kot. it's not impossible but surely lots of work to do.
 lots of sacrifices to be made. nothing comes free in this world man haha. 

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