Saturday, December 21, 2013


now i feel it's better to be a fangirl. rather than being in a relationship. just like what my sister said, if u're a fangirl u knew that the idol u admired will never notice u or have the same feeling as u do to him. it's different when u're in a relationship. every night u'll cry, wondering if the person u love is thinking bout u or missing u as much as u miss him. which one is simpler?


orait right now, i always make myself busy with this korean stuff. it has been a long time i didn't watch those music videos from super junior oppa haha. i know right now most fan betray them and move to exo. which i dont like much. for now maybe.

and im now a fan of a variety show. -----> RUNNING MAN

kinda happy with my life now. getting used to it dont worry. im fine. till then peeps :))

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