Friday, October 18, 2013


again. i spent my holiday with 'beneficial' programmes. muaahahaa. okay lets just say this. i'll do the same activities during my holidays despite it is an eid holiday or hmm yeah other holidays.

number 1, i'll bring most of my reference books which cause my bag to become heavier and i wont open any one of them. which is so useless to carry all the books back home.

number 2, i'll spend most of my time in front of my gadgets. no matter whether it is my beloved red laptop, my phone, my ipad or okay i dont really have to mention all.

number 3, planned to clean the bathroom but hmm as u can see, it's just on the 'to-do' list.

number 4, wanna update my blog everyday but it ends up like this. only one post for one holiday. ( at least im doing it ok )

number 5, wanna read english novels or star newspapers but ermm nevermind

number 6, wanna try a day without sleep, haha this would never happen i swear

number 7, try my best to be a very obedient daughter. like cleaning the house, helping mom with the house chores and spend my time in the kitchen (learning to cook). okay this one u should cgratulate me. yeayyy me!! :D okay maybe coz this is an eid holiday so yeah we need to cook rendang and etc so i need to enter the kitchen.

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