Wednesday, June 26, 2013

selongkar beg.

found this. haha my badge collection from few new friends from different schools.

and dalam kotak ni, ade mesz dari 'adik' and 'kakak' aku. which is ayza and kak afa la kan.

to kak afa, your banner still cantik and terjaga lagi XD

ade jugak mesz dari aku punya girlfriends, wished me luck before i went to Perlis for the innovation competition with Adlina.

ade jugak tag nama during Euphoria Enterpreneurship Day, hari kebudayaan jepun and so on.

really made me missed my school days. the precious moment with all the lovely people.

dedicate to ZILA;

aku jumpa mesz nie. kau tulis time candidate day aku. JB009A025. which means 25 days before spm.
thanks bebeh :*

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