Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I'm starting to think that I have no value talent.. 
not worth goodness in anything..
which means no purpose in life because cannot contribute to anybody or to anything in this world..
like what have I done or achieve in life so far..
It really seems so dark..
sampai rasa time makan pun hampir tersedak sebab tak boleh telan sebab nak nangis..
Astaghfirullah.. may Allah forgive us.. and He knows us best.. please give me more strength.. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

friends like sisters

I wish I have a bestfriend..a girl bestfriend..
like meredith with cristina..

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What a Life

I've been wondering.. what have I done with my life so far..
since my birthday this year.. suddenly I thought hmm I'm already 23 years old.. and still haven't achieved anything in life..
I know if I tell anyone about it (others usually take it as a complaint) everyone would say different people different rezeki.. different blessings different life bla bla bla..
so in conclusion there's no one can just listen to my story.. without judging or saying anything about it..
i'm tired..i'm just so tired..
i don't care if you guys say my pain threshold is low or whatever go to hell.
I keep asking  myself why did I take this course..
so if anyone would ask my advice or opinion about how does it feel being a medical student..
I would say it was the most painful experience and the worst choice ever..
if only i have other options now, i would grab it..
if I'm beautiful and skinny and potentially can become a model i would hahahah
or if i have other talents..
like acting, or designing clothes.. or have lots of money to start a business hmm maybe becoming a wedding planner?

still i dont have any other options now.. i'm stuck..

Friday, July 7, 2017


Actually I've posted this one hahah about the korean drama titled 'Doctors (2016)' or 'Doctor Crush' and many more names of it. 

My mom asked me why I don't like watching Grey's Anatomy drama. And my answer was the intention I wanna watch doctors-medicine kind of drama is to gain motivation and some medical knowledge (which of course have to be facts) but watching Grey's I'll have to istighfar often and hilang semua ilmu hahahah LOL.

That's why I chose and still choosing to watch this Doctors drama which has less inappropriate scenes. And I actually had fun learning Neuroanatomy which at first seemed so hard but I changed my mind after watching it. 

and one more is the Descendants of the Sun, my all-time favourite ;)

I guess I just love watching dramas or movies with beautiful and smart doctors. 
Who deserves to be called beauty with brains. 
I wanna be that too..
But I guess it's a long journey to get there.. ;(

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Missing You

I know he knows I miss him badly since I tell him everyday.. and that'll just won't stop.. even after we get married..

Obsessed? Maybe. So dangerous, right?

Whatever. I don't mind what others are thinking XD

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